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Wrocław University, Poland

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Tour Minas Sal Wieliczka en español desde Cracovia
  • 4,5h
  • From Krakow

Wieliczka Salt Mine Tour

During this full day excursion we will discover one of the most outstanding tourist attractions of Southern Poland, join our Wieliczka Salt Mine Tour.

Price: 50 EUR

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anonymous passerby - artistic oddities in wrocław

8 Artistic Oddities in Wrocław

Artistic Oddities in Wrocław Since the middle of the last century Wrocław has held a reputation for being an artistic city. 1948 welcomed many international artists, such as Pablo Picasso, for the World Congress of Intellectuals in Defense of Peace. The 1970 Visual Art Symposium gave Wrocław many of it’s public sculptures you can see […]

The Wrocław Old Town Hall (Ratusz)

The Best Time of Year to Visit Wrocław

Intro: My Favorite Time of Year As a tour guide in Wrocław, I often get asked, “What is the best time of year to visit Wrocław?” The answer isn’t so simple. If you want to know my favorite time of year, then it’s September and October. We usually get a nice Indian summer when it’s […]

Under the rails, or pod na sypem, one of the coolest streets in Wrocław.

3 Coolest Streets in Wrocław

The 3 Coolest Streets in Wrocław I was recently reading TimeOut’s article on the 30 Coolest Streets in the World, and it inspired me to write something similar about my own city. What streets can I recommend in Wrocław that offer something worth seeing, places to shop, eat, and grab a drink?   Wrocław isn’t […]

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