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Best vegan restaurants in Wrocław

Best vegan restaurants in Wrocław

When it comes to eating in Poland, sometimes it can be difficult to find alternatives to traditional cuisine, where everything seems to contain meat to a greater or lesser extent. That is why at Viadrina Tours we have put together this guide with the best vegan options in the city of Wrocław (Wrocław). Here [and our best recommendations:

1. Vega

In the heart of the city, a few meters from the old Town Hall is VEGA, a vegan bar with a long tradition. In the lower part of the restaurant you can eat, among others, Polish dishes such as “Russian” meatballs, stuffed cabbage or rolls. This restaurant also offers oriental dishes and pizza.

Address: Sukiennice 1/2
Instagram: Vega Restaurant

2. Krowarzywa

The bar offers, among other burgers, kebab and seitan pastrami.

Address: Rzeźnicza 34
Instagram: Krowarzywa

3. Vege Tai Fun

In the restaurant, we will eat, among other things, pad thai, curries, nori seaweed wraps or sushi. Of course, everything is vegan.

Address: Cybulskiego 3/1a
Instagram: Vege Thai Fun

4. Kuźnia Dzięcioła

If you like surprises, the restaurant offers a different soup every day, a main dish and a woodpecker cauldron. They have an extensive menu with the best vegetarian and vegan options.

Address: Szczytnicka 41
Instagram: Kuźnia Dzięcioła

5. The ROOT

This small restaurant mainly offers takeaway food in the city centre. Among other things, it offers vegan sushi and a variety of lunch boxes and wraps.

Address: Krupnicza 3
Instagram: The ROOT

6. Warzywniak

The restaurant offer includes, among others, “pork” cutlet, soy shawarma and fried cheese, vegan of course.

Address: Kościuszki 76B
Instagram: Warzywniak

7. Green Bus

The restaurant’s offer includes a wide selection of seitan pizzas and burgers. Each menu item can be vegan or vegetarian.

Address: Dubois 2/1c
Instagram: Green Bus

Pierogi Vegan Breslavia Viadrina Tours

8. Pierogi Vegan

The takeaway restaurant offers a wide selection of pierogis, typical Polish dumplings and soups in various versions.

Address: Pasaż Żielińskiego
Instagram: Pierogi Vegan

9. Wilk Syty

The restaurant changes its menu with the arrival of the new season. On the menu, you will find, among other ramen or macaroni and cheese.

Address: Trzebinicka 3/1UL
Instagram: Wilk Syty

10. Ibo Falafel

The restaurant changes its menu with the arrival of the new season. On the menu, you will find, among other ramen or macaroni and cheese.

Address: Świętego Mikołaja 15
Instagram: Ibo Falafel

What did you think of our selection with the best vegan restaurants in the city? Do you want to add a site to our list? Write us in the comments!

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