The Best Time of Year to Visit Wrocław

Intro: My Favorite Time of Year

As a tour guide in Wrocław, I often get asked, “What is the best time of year to visit Wrocław?” The answer isn’t so simple. If you want to know my favorite time of year, then it’s September and October. We usually get a nice Indian summer when it’s not too hot but not yet cold either. There may be some light rain, but not too much, and hardly any wind.


If you ask me what I think is the prettiest season in Wrocław, then my answer is really difficult. The brown and gray architecture of our old town looks stunning in the Autumn, but the parks and riverside are sublime in the summer. Of course the red rooftops, Gothic churches, and stone streets feel like something out of a film when covered in snow (which is probably why Wrocław has been a set for plenty of them).


However, not everyone likes the same weather I do, so your preference of when to visit might differ from mine. So, I decided to take a look at the data to see what you can expect from summer to winter to spring to determine for yourself when you would prefer to visit my beautiful city. Let’s take a look at the climate in Wrocław, including temperatures, rainfall, and snowfall.

Wro – Claw?

Before we get into it, I would just like to quickly help out those unfamiliar with Polish pronunciation. When looking at it from an English perspective, pronounce the name like this: vrots – wav. You’ll often see the fifth letter (unique to the Polish language) changed to an English L spelled Wroclaw, or you may just see the German name for the city: Breslau (pronounced bress-lou, as in ‘loud’). It’s okay if your pronunciation isn’t perfect, just be sure not to say the C like a K.

Data Source

I am using historical weather data from the National Centers for Environmental Information which keeps records of daily summaries of climate data from all over the globe. I decided to download data from Wrocław for the last 20 years, 2003 to 2023, containing daily average temperatures, maximum temperatures, minimum temperatures, snow depth, and precipitation. All temperature degrees are recorded in Celcius, and precipitation and snow depth is recorded in millimeters.

Which Season Do You Prefer?

Temperatures in Wrocław per month

A graph showing the average temperatures in Wrocław per month, as well as the highest and lowest recorded, from the last 20 years.

This graph shows us the average temperatures for each month, as well as the highest and lowest recorded temperatures, from the last 20 years. Here we can get a good look at the hottest and coldest months of the year, and whichever may be the best time to visit Wrocław.


What season is your favorite to travel in? Do you prefer short sleeves in the warmer months, or many layers and snow-covered streets?

Summer time in Wrocław

According to the Polish Climate Service, Wrocław is one of the warmest cities in Poland. The above graph shows us that our hottest summer in the last 20 years reached 37.4°C (99.32°F), which was recorded just 2 years ago on July 21st 2022. Our summers can get pretty hot, but June to August averages a comfortable 19°C (66°F).


A photo of a people sitting on chairs next to the riverside as the sun shines through the trees. Summer is one of the best times of year to visit Wrocław.

Drinks at the riverside (photo via Forma Płynna Beach Bar)


For my own preference, the summer in Wrocław can get a bit too hot, especially in July and August. Combine the high temperatures with the humidity from Wrocław’s 5 rivers, and it can be unbearable. However, there are some great things about summertime in my city that make it worthwhile. One of them is the American football season. Our team, the Wrocław Panthers, plays in the European League of Football, and my wife and I enjoy going to the games. Another is the many food and drink festivals going on, my favorite of which being Gastro Miasto. Lastly, the many beach bars we have along the riverside, which combine a great atmosphere with the nice weather.

Winter in Wrocław

Looking at those lowest recorded temperatures, you may be discouraged from visiting in the winter. The coldest January from the last 20 years at -22.5°C (-8.5°F) was recorded on January 23rd 2006, but last year it only reached -5.6°C (~22°F). Although if you are planning to visit during the winter, be prepared for some chilly days. The temperature from December to February averages just 1°C (~34°F)!


A photo of cathedral island with snow-covered rooftops, and ice on the river. Shows winter in Wrocław. Winter can be one of the best times of year to visit Wrocław for views like this.

Ice on the Odra: a chilly winter evening at Cathedral Island (photo by me)


If you are coming from Scandinavia, then this may feel warm for you, but be careful if you are acclimated to a Mediterranean climate. Many people also like to visit from late November to early January for our annual Christmas market. Although I’m not personally a fan of it, I appreciate the many lights and decorations adorning the old town. I do enjoy the winter in Wrocław, with snowy rooftops and streets and an ice-covered river. The atmosphere is very cozy and well suited for a hot drink. The winter can get cold, but Wrocław sure does look beautiful in the snow.

Rainfall in Wrocław

Average Precipitation Levels by Month

Average precipitation levels in Wrocław, showing July as the highest. Rainfall in Wrocław.


Here you can see the average rainfall by month for the last 20 years in Wrocław. If you were planning on coming for a sunny summer, you may have some disappointment, as summer looks to be the rainiest season. Although, this data records all forms of precipitation and not just rainfall. You’ll also notice that May to August have high precipitation averages, and the winter months have a lot less. Below you can also see a comparison with snow depth.

Percent of Days per Month with Recorded Precipitation

A graph showing percent of days per month with recorded precipitation in Wrocław. Rainfall in Wrocław.


Here you can see the percent per month of the average number of days with precipitation, although this doesn’t necessarily mean rainfall. January has a high level of precipitation, but, as shown below, it’s also the month with the most snow. The middle of the year is when we get the most rainy days, with September starting to seem pretty dry. The winter months aren’t all snow though, there can be plenty of days where that precipitation means rain as well, as long as the temperature isn’t dropping too low.


A sunrise over the Odra river with geese. An early morning with fog on the Odra river.

A foggy morning on the Odra river (photo by me)


If you haven’t figured it out already, I personally don’t like spring, especially late Spring. The rain really starts in May, but temperatures in March and April tend to stay very low. In my own experience, the rain will slow down near the beginning of July, which is when the real summer heat begins. Throughout the spring months we will get some nice days (mostly April) with moderate temperatures and no rain, but they seem to be few and far between. There also seems to be a lot of wind in the Spring months, which can turn a rather pleasant day into an annoyance.


This is why I prefer the period where summer switches to fall. The cold temperatures won’t take long to arrive in October, but there still isn’t a lot of rainfall. Most days a light jacket is all you need. Wrocław tends to get a lot of its rain at once, not the constant overcast like London has, so these averages include a lot of high precipitation levels from single days. So this doesn’t mean the rainier time of year is something you want to avoid.

Snow in Wrocław

Average Snow Depth in Millimeters by Month

A graph showing the average snow depth in Wrocław in millimeters by month. January has the highest level with 30.29 millimeters. Shows snowfall in Wrocław.


As you can see from the graph, we get most of our snow in January. December does have some, but it is still less on average than February. If you plan to visit for snow, then the beginning of the year is your best chance. An added benefit to visiting then is the absence of people. The Christmas market ends the first week of January, so if you want to see it, you’ll need to travel during December (or late November). But if you prefer empty, snowy streets, then just visit after it’s closed.


Snow covered streets in Wrocław. Shows the winter in Wrocław.

Snowy streets in Wrocław (photo by me)

You’re Favorite Season?

If you are looking for some heat, short sleeves, and generally outdoor temperatures, then July and August in Wrocław will suit you well. We have plenty of riverside and great parks to lounge in or take a walk. You can always join me for a historical walk through the old town.


If you aren’t afraid of the rain and some chilly days, both spring and autumn are well suited for that. If you like Central European cities with medieval architecture, then you may enjoy them covered in grey skies and some light rain. You can stay inside for warm food and nice drinks on a culinary trip through Wrocław with me as well.


If you prefer the coldest of days with snow-covered streets, then January is your best bet. From December to January is when you’ll find the city fully decorated for the Christmas season as well.


Whatever temperature or weather you prefer, I can always recommend Wrocław. I may have my favorite season, but honestly the city always looks beautiful. If like craft beer, then you are welcome to join me for a tour of the best Poland has to offer. Whatever time of year you decide to visit my city, I’m certain you won’t be disappointed.


View of the university building along the Odra river at night time.

Wrocław University at night (photo by me)

Sean Coates

I am originally from California, and have lived in Wrocław since 2018 with my wife. I've been all around Europe, and I want to show fellow travelers the best parts of my adopted city.


  1. Thank you for the thorough research and information. It will definitely help me to choose the best time of year to visit my son and daughter-in-law in Wroclaw.

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