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Ksiaz Castle and Church of Peace in Swidnica Tour from Wroclaw

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Ksiaz Castle and Church of Peace in Swidnica Tour from Wroclaw

Ksiaz Castle

We will start our Ksiaz Castle and Church of Peace in Swidnica Tour from Wroclaw at the specified time from the pickup point in Wroclaw. Our first stop begins at Ksiaz Castle – a true jewel of Lower Silesia sometimes called the Silesian Neuschwanstein Castle.

The visit is composed of 2 parts.

Tunnels of Project Riese

We will discover the secrets of Project Riese as we descend 60 meters underground. This ambitious military engineering initiative, supervised by the Todt Organization during World War II, reveals passages steeped in history and mystery. It is believed that these tunnels were used for the production of secret weapons or as shelters for high-ranking Nazis. Immerse yourself in the intriguing history of this hidden military project under Ksiaz Castle, even rumored to have been considered as a residence for Adolf Hitler.

Interiors of Ksiaz Castle

Next, we will visit the representative part of Ksiaz Castle, with an audio guide in English. This imposing castle is infused with a diversity of architectural styles. In the past, its luxurious rooms hosted distinguished guests such as John Quincy Adams, one of the early presidents of the United States, Winston Churchill, as well as emperors of Germany and Russia. As you delve into this section of the castle, you will discover the history of the rise and fall of the Hochberg family, along with the fascinating narrative of their incredible fortune, scandals, and tragedies that marked German high society. Immerse yourself in the opulence and drama hidden behind the walls of this magnificent Ksiaz Castle.


During the months of April to October, visitors have the additional opportunity to stroll through the terraces and gardens of Ksiaz Castle. Here, they can delight in panoramic views of the surrounding hills and picturesque landscapes that envelop the castle.

After exploring the fascinating Ksiaz Castle, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy free time to indulge in Polish cuisine. From traditional dishes like pierogi and golabki to local delights such as zurek and bigos, there is a wide variety of culinary options to satisfy every palate. Nearby restaurants offer a local gastronomic experience.

The Peace Church in Swidnica

Our Ksiaz Castle and Church of Peace in Swidnica Tour from Wroclaw culminates at the wonderful Peace Church in Swidnica, a site rightfully inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. This magnificent work of sacred art, built in the 17th century by Protestants, is an impressive testimony to the religious conflict that ravaged Europe centuries ago. The church, erected under extreme conditions using only straw, clay, and wood, is a remarkable example of engineering and devotion. Admire its imposing architecture and immerse yourself in its history as you explore this unique monument. Experience the greatness of this sacred place, which transcends time and remains a symbol of peace and reconciliation today (information available in English).

Finally, we will return to Wroclaw and arrive at the starting point after seven to eight hours of Ksiaz Castle and Church of Peace in Swidnica Tour from Wroclaw.



Tour info

  • Transportation

    Entry to the tunnels with an audio guide in English

    The temperature during the visit to the tunnels is 8 degrees Celsius. We recommend bringing an extra jacket.

    Entry to the representative interiors of Ksiaz Castle with an audio guide in English

    Entry to the Peace Church with information written in English

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