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2h 30m

Take this tour with a Viadrina guide to visit the amazing Old Town in Wrocław, Poland and discover the city at its fullest.

Price: €18

2h 30m

During this our free tour we will explore the most beautiful and outstanding tourist attractions of the city of Wroclaw, the "Polish Venice".

Price: Free!


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In our previous guide, Where to eat in Wroclaw, we dedicated ourselves especially to getting to know the gastronomy of the city. Without a
In our previous guide, Where to eat in Wroclaw, we dedicated ourselves especially to getting to know the gastronomy of the city. Without a
In our previous guide, Where to eat in Wroclaw, we dedicated ourselves especially to getting to know the gastronomy of the city. Without a


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D White
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"This tour is simply fantastic,our tour guide Maciej is a fountain of knowledge about Adršpach-Teplice Rocks and Poland in general , a very interesting well traveled gentleman who was with us every step of the way."
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"We done the Adrspach Rocks tour. Our guide was brilliant (I want to say Allen) and had an abundance of knowledge on all things about Polish history, economics etc. Can't recommend enough."
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"We tour Auschwitz’s-Birkenau museum. Our tour guide/driver was very professional and knowledgeable. Arrived on time, did excellent job… Highly recommended"