TOP 5 Christmas markets in Prague

At Viadrina Tours, we are fans of Christmas, a very special time of the year, where many European cities dress up for the occasion. Attracting thousands of tourists since November, in this guide we will mention the best Christmas markets in Prague. To enjoy this moment full of fantasy and color with various attractions and proposals that make Prague an even more beautiful city. Do not miss it!


Namesti miru

Namesti miru mercado de navidad en Praga Viadrina Tours

Guarded by the Church of Saint Ludmila, the Christmas market of Namesti Miru is the most recognized by the Prague people as authentic. Something away from the bustle of the center, in it you can find local crafts, as well as sweets and the typical mulled wine. You can easily access Namesti Miru by tram or if you prefer the green line of the metro will leave you in the same square.


Starometska Namesti

Staromestske Namesti Mercado de navidad Viadrina Tours

The Old Town Square market is one of the most famous for the place where it is located. Led by a large illuminated Christmas tree in this market, you can find the famous trdelnik, as well as the typical sausages and the famous Bohemian crystal. It is a luxury to have a mulled wine at the foot of the Church of Our Lady of Tyn.


Wenceslas Square

Mercado navideño Wenceslao Praga

It is the most famous market next to the one in the Old Town Square. Located in the heart of the New Town, Wenceslas Square is home to a large number of historical events and of course in its Christmas market you can find, among other things, the Prazska Sunka (roasted Czech ham with a flavor similar to pork shoulder).


Namesti Republiky

NAmesti mercado de navidad Praga

The Republic Square market is one of the most diverse, as you can even find clothes. It is easily accessible. Here you can find traditional food such as Bramborove (roasted potatoes with different sauces).



Holesovice christmas market

If you are a food lover, this market is 100% recommended for you. In the Holesovice market you will find the Prazska trznice (Prague market), apart from finding what in other Christmas markets, you will have the opportunity to see and taste different traditional Czech products. You can get there by tram number 6 from Wenceslas Square.


Important information

Restrictions: Due to the high growth in the number of cases, the Czech government has decided for the moment to limit concentrations to 1000 people. Only those vaccinated and those who have recently passed the Covid-19 should have access. Recommendations: It is always advisable to keep a safe distance from other people and to use a mask.
Other recommendations: In the Christmas markets there is always a high concentration of people so we recommend being careful with things of value, since although Prague is a very safe city, there are always people wanting to take advantage of these events.

Andrés Rafael

Prague city tour guide for Viadrina Tours.


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