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Most romantic places in Poland (Valentine’s Day 2023)

Most romantic places in Poland (Valentine’s Day 2023)

Hello Travelers! Poland is a country with a great diversity of architecture and culture. However, it is also a place that could be very romantic for lovers from all over the world who are looking for a special destination for this 2022. For this reason we have consulted our most romantic guides and here we have The most romantic places in Poland, for make this Valentine’s Day 2022 an unforgettable day. Let’s start!


1. Wrocław – The Polish Venice

wroclaw san valentin lugares mas romanticos polonia - most romantic places Poland

One of the most romantic cities is, without a doubt, the city of Wroclaw. Located in the Southwest of Poland, this city is known as the Polish Venice, since it has more than 100 bridges and footbridges that parade along its most important river; the Oder River (in Polish Odra). Even the city’s most famous bridge, the Tumski Bridge, has a very special nickname; The Bridge of Lovers. Here is our list of the most special places in this beautiful city;

The Bridge of Lovers

One of its most popular legends tells that crossing the bridge, if we make eye contact with another person who is crossing the bridge at the same time, the crush is immediate. Perhaps for this reason, in recent years, the bridge has been invaded by lovers from all over the world. Happy, they usually seal their love with a padlock by throwing the keys into the river. A tradition that ended in 2020, when the padlocks added 10 tons! of extra weight. Given the danger to the structure of the bridge, the City Council decided to ban this tradition. Although of course, many lovers resist and continue to leave their testimonies of love.

Cathedral Island

Leaving Lovers’ Bridge behind, we enter the Cathedral Island or in Polish Ostrów Tumski. With the beautiful cathedral street, adorned with beautiful buildings of baroque architecture, it is a charming place. As if this were not enough, the “island” is illuminated with gas lamps, which is why a lamplighter has the task of lighting them manually, one by one! when the sun goes down To crown the ceremony, musicians usually go to Ostrów Tumski to accompany the moment. Hard to imagine a more romantic moment…

If you choose this city, do not forget to participate in our Free Tour through the historical case of Wroclaw

2. Warsaw – Love in Poland’s capital

Varsovia Polonia Warsaw Poland lugares romanticos wroclaw san valentin lugares mas romanticos polonia - most romantic places Poland

When it comes to love, the Polish capital is undoubtedly a city that should be on this list. Whether strolling through the Old Town with its small streets and restaurants, or strolling along the Vistula River, Warsaw is enchanting. Being one of the most visited cities in Poland, it has many parks, restaurants, shows and attractions. To spend an unforgettable Valentine’s Day.

Łazienki Park

Being in Warsaw, one of the places that cannot be missed is the Łazienki Park. Located in the heart of the city, this beautiful park was the resting place of the Polish kings for many years. Hence, its paths are finely decorated by beautiful trees, bridges and roundabouts. To feel like Polish kings for a day.

If the Polish capital will be your destination, do not forget to start with our Free Tour Old Town of Warsaw

3. Chełmno – The city of Lovers

chelmno san valentin lugares mas romanticos polonia - most romantic places Poland

A little surprise in this list of the most romantic places in Poland is the city of Chełmno. Located a few kilometres from Toruń, the city holds the title of The City of Lovers. A title that they have also legally registered!, so the thing is serious. All this phenomenon also has a historical reason. In the city, the relic of Saint Valentine (yes, the saint) is kept in the Parish Church of the Assumption. Since 2002, when the relic was first put on display, the city has earned the title of the city of lovers.

Every year the city organizes a big event to celebrate Chełmno day, which of course is on February 14th. The event includes a mass for lovers and couples where the relic of the saint is exhibited, parades, concerts and the Valentine’s Fair. Not to be missed.


4. Toruń – A medieval city with a taste of ginger

Torun san valentin lugares mas romanticos polonia - most romantic places Poland

The city of Toruń is one of the jewels of Polish architecture. Walking through its medieval streets, the city has Gothic architecture that remains intact. The perfect destination to visit with your partner and discover its historical legacy, as it has 300 monuments inscribed in the history of European art. Toruń is also the capital of gingerbread, and you cannot leave without trying the famous gingerbread cookies. You will love them! museums and attractions as well!. Some essentials are the leaning tower, the planetarium, the house of Nicolaus Copernicus, the house of legends and the church of Santiago Apóstol.


5. Bielsko-Biała – The Polish Vienna

Bielsko Biala san valentin lugares mas romanticos polonia - most romantic places Poland

The picturesque city of Bielsko Biała is located in the South of Poland, very close to the border with the Czech Republic. Halfway between Katowice and Krakow, the city of Bielsko Biala is actually two medieval towns that merged as their population grew. Although it is unknown to mass tourism, the city is distinguished as the Polish Vienna since for many years it was part of the Austrian empire. In addition, Bielsko Biała, has the largest amount of Art Nouveau in all of Poland, with beautiful manor houses such as The House of Frogs that add a super romantic atmosphere to its streets. Recommended.


6. Moszna Castle- A day to remember

Moszna Castle castillo polonia Poland lugares más románticos de Polonia - most romantic places Poland

Continuing our list of the most romantic places in Poland we will of course mention Moszna Castle. It is located near the city of Opole, in southern Poland. Dukes and magnates from the Upper Silesian region lived in the castle, built in the 17th century. Currently, the castle houses a hotel, where the rooms are incredible. With moderate prices, you can make your reservation at the following link.


7. Kazimierz Dolny – A beautiful city

Kazimierz Dolny Polonia Poland los lugares más románticos - most romantic places Poland

For those who prefer a slightly quieter destination, there is also the city of Kazimierz Dolny. Located on the banks of the Vistula River, it has countless monuments and beautiful medieval streets. In addition, it has a beautiful castle in the historic centre that can be visited. Although it does not have many hotels, there are small houses that can be rented for the day or for the weekend. For all those couples who prefer a Valentine away from the big cities, this is undoubtedly their destination.


8. Bieszczady Mountains – Close to nature

mountains montañas lugares romanticos polonia - most romantic places Poland

If, on the other hand, they are nature lovers, one of the most romantic places is the Bieszczady Mountains. These are located in the south of Poland, next to the border with Slovakia. There are many alternatives when it comes to staying, whether in small houses or cabins, at the base of the mountains. With incredible landscapes, dreamy sunsets, it will make Valentine’s Day a day to remember.


9. Zakopane – a dream place

Lugares más románticos Polonia - most romantic places Poland ' Zakopane

Yes, the image is real. It is the city of Zakopane, in the South of Poland. To finish this list, we wanted to recommend this city, one of the most beautiful in all of Poland. Located at the foot of the Tatras, it has 30,000 inhabitants. It is also known as the winter capital since it is a very important ski centre. Its historic centre and surroundings have many hotels and residences, where swimming pools and saunas are usually included. Difficult to imagine a better destination for this Valentine’s Day 2022.



We have reached the end of our recommendations with the most romantic places in Poland for this Valentine’s Day 2022. Lastly, we want to know your opinion. What do you think of the selection of our guides for this special day? Would you like to add a place to our list? Write to us in the comments! Other travellers in love will thank you 😉

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