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The Republic of Poland is a Central European country, one of the twenty-seven sovereign states that make up the European Union. It borders the Baltic Sea to the north, comprises in its largest portion to the north part of the great European plain and to the south includes mountainous territory of the Sudetenland, the Carpathians and the Santa Cruz mountain range. Although the capital and most populous city is Warsaw, the academic-cultural center is the second largest city, Krakow.

Join us for a 3-hour food tour through the heart of Wroclaw to taste Polish food, drink beer and vodka.
This memorable tour lets you experience the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial at its fullest.
Let yourself be surprised by the rocks of Adršpach: The Chronicles of Narnia filming location tour
Take this tour with a Viadrina guide to visit the amazing Old Town in Wrocław, Poland and discover the city at its fullest.
Discover the wonderful city of Gdańsk with this Tour through the historic centre. The Pier, World War 2 and more.
World War II and its subsequent years marked the future of the Jewish quarter of Wroclaw. Learn about its history with this free tour.
Tour the main square, the royal castle, the Jewish quarter and more with our Free Tour in English through the historic center of Poznań.
During this our free tour we will explore the most beautiful and outstanding tourist attractions of the city of Wroclaw, the "Polish Venice".
Discover the wonderful Polish capital with this Free Walking Tour through the historic center of Warsaw. Get to know the castle, the barbican and more
Walk the banks of the Oder River with this free tour in Spanish that runs through the most beautiful islands and bridges of the monumental center of Wroclaw.
Delight your senses with this guided tour of the Wroclaw University Museum, an amazing baroque building steeped in history.

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