20 Polish dishes you need to try

Prepare your palate if you like to experience the typical food of the places you travel, here we will tell you what are the most traditional Polish dishes. Poland Country shares a mixture of other regions, cultures and traditions, creating a gastronomic fan, which will surprise you. Here you eat enough meat, so get ready!

1. Pierogi

20 platillos polacos

This is the dish best known in other countries as Polish dumplings, it is a filled pasta pie, they have different types: cottage cheese with potato, cabbage, with mushrooms, meat. The cooking procedure is fried or boiled, optionally added onion or fried bacon with butter. When it’s time for dessert, don’t complicate things, order pierogis filled with red berries, on top they add cream. It’s a delight!


2. Kotlet schabowy

20 platillos polacos Kotlet Schabowy

It is a breaded, fried pork chop, it is accompanied with a cabbage salad better known as surowka, mashed potatoes or French fries, in some places you will be impressed by the size of the chop, they could eat up to two people, it is medium thick, your mouth will delight with crispy breading. Of course, for cold climates it is great, it will keep your stomach full for much longer.

3. Żurek

20 platillos polacos Zurek

It is a breaded, fried pork chop, it is accompanied with a cabbage salad better known as surowka, mashed potatoes or French fries, in some places you will be impressed by the size of the chop, they could eat up to two people, it is medium thick, your mouth will delight with crispy breading. Of course, for cold climates it is great, it will keep your stomach full for much longer.


4. Barszcz

20 platillos polacos Barszcz

This soup is part of the 12 typical dishes that are delighted during the Christmas dinner Wigila, inside the soup they add raviolis of mushrooms, that is why it is very homemade, it is basically a beet broth or cooked beet, translucent red color, Accompanied by pierogis or can be served alone, sometimes the Poles are served in a cup, and take it as if it were tea.


5. Bigos

20 platillos polacos Bigos

It is a stew of sour cabbage, assorted meat, Polish sausage, beef, pork, mushrooms, in this region gastronomy goes hand in hand with this ingredient, plums, onion, seasoned with pepper, salt, bay leaves, and to that it does not dry out, at the time of cooking fat, lard or wine is added. It is accompanied with a few slices of homemade bread. Traditionally, it was a hunter’s meal, before it used to be frozen, reheated, the more reheated the richer and being a quintessential Polish recipe, it is part of the menu at events such as parties, family reunions and weddings. This dish wins the award for being the most caloric!


6. Kiełbasa – Polish sausage

20 platillos polacos Kielbasa

Here I will explain the different types of sausages.

There are two types of sausages, the first is dry, made of pork, cow, turkey, horse, lamb, or bison. This type is preserved, prepared with a wide variety of species, so it has a more intense smell and flavor. It is used in soups, broths, stews, and grilled. The perfect grill for Poles does not exist. Yes, there are no grill sausage, pepinillos, bread and outstanding dressings are mustard, ketchup.

The second type is normal, it is consumed cold or cooked (it is common during breakfast). If you go to a supermarket in Poland. There are a wide variety of flavors and brands.

Each region of Poland has its own specialty, now if we go to artisanal sausages we could still enlarging our palate, they can be found in the markets, or fairs during the day of the harvest, in the Christmas markets.

Kabanos of thin, dry, seasoned, the classic is that of pork, some of the options to be chosen is with cheese, chili, humid and turkey. It is one of the favorites for children, perfect for eating as snack.

Krakowska is one of my favorites, smoked with a spicy touch. It is seasoned with garlic, it is large and has the original intense flavor.

Wiejska there are types of pork and veal. It contains improvement as the main seasoning, there is another very similar to it, only that it is of better quality Myśliwska.


7. Gołąbki

20 platillos polacos Golabki

It is a roll filled with ground beef or pork and rice, rolled in a lightly cooked cabbage leaf, baked or fried, served bathed in tomato sauce. The tomato sauce, the meat mixture and then the cabbage leaves are prepared separately. It takes a while to prepare. It is usual when cooking gołąbki to prepare more quantity to be able to enjoy the following days. They are worth trying!


8. Kaczka z jabłkami20 platillos polacos Kaczka z jablkami

Poland has a lot of poultry meat production. If you add the other key ingredient in gastronomy, which is the apple. These elements are the ideal mix for your palate. Roast duck breast, bathing in apple sauce, seasoned with marjoram, thyme, rosemary, a little honey, and what better if, accompanied by a bottle of dry red wine.


9. Placki Ziemniaczane

20 platillos polacos Placki ziemnaczana

It is one of the favorite dishes for children in Poland. It consists of grated sweet potato mixed with egg and onion. It is fried in oil, sometimes icing sugar is added.


10. Gulasz wołowy z ziemniakami

20 platillos polacos Gulasz

Beef stew. Sserth with sweet potatoes and vegetables, so that this saucer is a real success, it is that the meat has to be juicy. The Polish species give a touch to differentiate the Hungarian Gulsz a delight!


11. Tatar

20 platillos polacos Tatar

Hard to believe food, raw ground beef straight to your mouth!

Good quality ground beef, accompanied by raw egg, onion and very finely chopped pickles. Everything is mixed and in the mouth. This type of food is very common in bars. The Poles accompany it with vodka, because they say… that it is, to avoid any type of indigestion or simply, just in case, to kill bacteria. Would you accompany it with or without vodka? Tell me in the comments.


12. Zapiekanki

20 platillos polacos Zapiekanki

The most typical Polish fast food is a type of baguette with lots of cheese, mushrooms and endless other multiple combinations. Mainly known in Krakow, if you want to eat something simple, fast and cheap it is a good option.


13. Grillowany oscypek

20 platillos polacos Oscypek

If you are a cheese lover. You will have to try the famous smoked sheep’s cheese, which comes from the Tatra region. It is served in small slices on the grill. Until it is hot on the outside and inside it has a little hard consistency, compared to other cheeses. It is seasoned with blueberry jam, this creates a fusion that your mouth will love.


14. Roladki wołowe

20 platillos polacos Rolada

The most homemade veal roll stuffed with bacon, onion, and tanned cucumber, is accompanied by sweet potato and col.

We have … Arriving at my favorite part, the typical Poles desserts you will not be able to resist!

15. Sernik

20 platillos polacos Sernik

You can see this dessert everywhere: The main ingredients: puff pastry filled with cottage cheese or fresh cheese, baked and served at the table. A curiosity is that the Poles have a very strong tradition of baking cakes, breads, cakes, cookies. In fact, to celebrate a birthday, they love to bake their own cake. Since it has a homemade touch, and it is made for a special occasion.


16. Szarlotka – Apple pie

20 platillos polacos Szarlotka

We continue our list of Polish dishes with this delicious dessert. I’m sure you won’t leave anything on your plate. Apple pie, a soft base, the surface is crunchy, it has a pinch of cinnamon, ideal to eat at all hours.


17. Paczki

20 platillos polacos Paczki

It is one of the most typical breads in Poland. There is even a day called “Grasous Thursday” where the Poles eat approximately 3 to 5 donuts per person. You imagine! They make endless ranks to carry out the famous tradition, in the works the companies, banks, government offices, buy rows of donut boxes for their employees. It is a large fried donut stuffed with gased pink jam with sugar, that is the traditional. There are currently a wide variety of fillings some of them are nutela, caramel, chocolate, cheese Budyn, Rompope, Rafaelo and could continue … I will not, because the list would be endless and no, I want to leave you with the craving.


18. Naleśniki

20 platillos polacos Nalesniki

One of the few Poles without meat dishes. There is a great variety, for all tastes and flavors, some examples of the salty crafts are spinach with gorgonzola cheese (blue cheese) those of ham with cheese, salami, and sweets, there are white cheese, jams of red fruits, banana, Nutela, chocolate, Glass sugar. The perfect dish for vegetarians!


19. Kremówka Papieska or Napoleonka

20 platillos polacos Kremowka

This dessert carries many memories found in the heart of the Poles, since it was the preferred dessert during the childhood of John Paul II. It is one of the simplest, puff pastry, stuffed with custard, with a subtle vanilla flavor at the top sprinkled with icing sugar. The most famous are sold in Wadowice the hometown of Karol Wojtyla.


20. Makowiec

20 platillos polacos Makowiec

One of the Christmas dishes, is a bread wrapped in a poppy seed paste, main ingredients are orange peel, nuts and almonds, at the top a layer of powdered sugar, a little lemon juice, the texture is dry, during

Detacrin parties are consumed for three days in a row, during those days you will not be able to move from the table, due to the amount of dishes that are prepared.


What are the typical Polish sweets, which can be found in a supermarket?

dulces polacos2 1

Michałki chocolate on the outside and inside is filled with crunchy peanuts.

Malaga, dark chocolate filled with cream with raisins, something sweet for my taste.

Prince Polo Waffle biscuit covered with light layers of dark chocolate one after the other until forming a thicker layer with a crunchy consistency

Krówki means little cows in Spanish. It is caramel, it has consistency on the outside, it is a bit hard, inside it is soft

Ptasie Mleczko Chocolate Covered Meringue Squares

Delicje chocolate biscuits filled with orange or cherry jelly,



To finish our list of the 20 Polish dishes. We want to know your opinion. What do you think of our list of 20 Polish dishes? Write us in the comments!


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