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In our previous guide, Where to eat in Wroclaw, we dedicated ourselves especially to getting to know the gastronomy of the city. Without a doubt, an important part of any visit, but at the same time and no less important is where to discover the best drinks that a city has to offer. That is why this guide that we prepare in ho we are going to dedicate ourselves especially to discovering the best bars in Wroclaw, where two drinks are recurring protagonists; beer and vodka.


We have already mentioned this bar in our previous guide and today we will mention it again in the first place. This pub located a few meters from the central square or Rynek, in front of the Church of Santa Isabel, is one of the most characteristic places in the city. í In addition to the typical dishes that can be tasted here, the draft beer or lane in Polish is the pearl of this pub, with super affordable prices and an enviable quality. Starting at 12 PLN, something like 3 EUR and coins, the warmth of the interior invites you to taste several beers and also dare to the typical vodka made from quince, raspberries, strawberries and much more

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Address pl. Sw. Mikolaja 81 Facebook +48 791 120 525


Ale Browar

On a personal level I dare to assert that Ale Browar is one of the best breweries in the city of Wroclaw. Located in the picturesque street of San Antonio, heart of the Jewish Quarter or in its official name, Barrio de las 4 beliefs, throughout the 4 years since its establishment, Ale Browar has earned a distinguished place on the local scene. 16 different types of beers, including IPA, APAs, Negras and Lagers, at an affordable price (15 PLN a pint), it also offers a relaxed, relaxed space, where it is mainly sub-40s who tend to frequent this bar. It should be noted that all their beers are of their own production in the draft or craft version.

More details on his Facebook page Ale Browar


PINTA Wroclaw

Another of the breweries that brings them to you is PINTA Wroclaw

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