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This tour offers you to discover the most precious attraction of Lower Silesia reflecting its complicated past.


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This tour offers you to discover the most precious attraction of Lower Silesia reflecting its complicated past. Located just 40 miles (70 kilometers) away from Wroclaw, Ksiaz Castle is a real example of the mixed legacy of the region. Built by the local dynasty from Swidnica, descendents of the Polish royal Piast dynasty, passed through several owners such as Bohemian Kings, robber barons, Hungarian ruler, ended in the hands of the Hober (Hochberg family). Those Silesian aristocrats became one of the most successful entrepreneurs in XIX century being a great example of the German industrial revolution. In the XIX century Hochbergs were one of the richest German and European nobles, therefore Ksiaz astonishes with its size and scale being a third largest castle in today’s Poland. You will visit the representative part, find out the history of the rise and fall of the family, hear about the incredible fortune, high society scandals, tragedies and why the castle still hides some secret from the World War II.

After the close encounter with the complex European history you will have a relaxing walk in the colorful and exotic greenhouses, admire a rare and spectacular plants which help you to comprehend the wealth and prosperity of the family.

Continue on to the city of Swidnica. It is a lovely provincial town with an outstanding history and sites. Swidnica (or former Schweidnitz in German) was in medieval time the second largest Silesia city famous for its delicious beer production. Outside of the city center you see the former family house of the world-known air force ace of the World War I – Manfred von Richthofen aka Red Baron. Before paying the visit to the marvelous Church of Peace, the largest wooden church in Europe there is a time to try a great local coffee prepared with the special ingraineds, allowing you to refresh your mind and enjoy its unique flavor. The church itself was built in the XVII century, during the Hapsburg rule and is an impressive and remarkable example of religious conflict dividing Europe centuries ago. Erected under very strict conditions represent a immense historic and artistic value, rightly earning its place on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Swidnica offers also great culinary experiences. You will have time for lunch trying the most delicious polish specialties such as zurek rye soup served in crispy fresh bread, tasty pirogi or magnificent duck accompanied with the local cold craft beer. Finally, we conclude the tour with lovely stroll through old town finding out about trade traditions, rich merchants, pharmacist and an extraordinary burgher – women-scientist , who was one of brilliant minds of her time.


  • The tours strarts at 9.00 AM and we offer hotel pick up in Wroclaw.
  • The first stop is Ksiaz Castle, the drive takes aprox 1,5 hours.
  • You enter the castle aprox at 10.30 AM ( included in the price) The visit of the castle takes aprox 1,5 hours
  • At 12 AM you enter to the Green House (included in the price) The visit takes aprox 20 minutes.
  • At 12.50 AM – 1.20 PM have a break and try the local coffee (not included in the price)
  • 1.20 PM – 1.40 PM Visit in the Church of Peace (included in the price)
  • 2.00 – 3 PM – time for lunch (not included in the price)
  • 3.00 PM – 3.45 PM – stroll in the City Center of Swidnica and departure to Wroclaw
  • 5.00 PM Arrival to Wroclaw
  • The intinerary is only a estimation and can vary depending on road and weather conditions



  • Discover the most precious attractions of Lower Silesia region
  • Visit the majestic Ksiaz Castle – third largest castle in this country, find out about its history of the last owners, the Hochbergs family, its rise and fall as one of the richest German families
  • Learn about the secrets from the World War II
  • Admire the spectacular green house with enormous palms and another exotic plants
  • See the family house of Red Baron
  • View the impressive wooden Church of Peace – the UNESCO Patrimony of Humankind
  • Try the local coffee prepared with special ingredients
  •  Stroll through the medieval old town of Swidnica city center