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TOP 5 restaurants in Prague

TOP 5 restaurants in Prague

In this guide on where to eat in Prague, we have selected the best 5 places to enjoy the gastronomy of the city in the best way. From an intense gastronomic scene, with mushy restaurants in the centre of the city, it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming, therefore, we have prepared this article to find the best options. Of course, this guide is part of our Guide of Prague, which we highly recommend reading to start our journey in this beautiful city.

Lahudky Zlaty Kriz

Jungmannova 34, Praga 1.

lahudky zlaty kriz Praga Viadrina Tours

This place is not suitable for tourists, since its specialty is only recognized by Praguens and that is why we want to recommend it to you. Called Chlebicek, similar to the skewer in Spain, it is a slice of bread of generous proportions, which supports a wide variety of foods such as tomato, cheese, pickle, ham … In this establishment you will find more than 90 different Chlebicek. You can also find vegetarian and vegan options. This delicious dish is very traditional and the Czechs use it especially in celebrations.


Pivnice Sturpartska

Stupartska 9, Praga 1.

Pivnice Sturpartska Praga Viadrina Tours

It is a restaurant located just a few streets behind the Church of Our Lady of Tyn. In it you can find a great variety of traditional dishes such as Czech goulash soup served on bread or also the popular fried cheese, although the star dish is still the pork knuckle that if you take it with a good Kozel Cerny (black beer Kozel brand), this delicacy will taste even better.


Pivnice U Jary

Dalimilova 1, Praga 3.

In the most popular and alternative neighbourhood of Prague (Zizkov), you can find among many other things a restaurant called Pivnice U Jary. Here you will enjoy a wide variety of traditional Czech dishes at a very good price and away from the hustle and bustle of downtown.


U Pivrnce

Maiselova 60, Praga 1.

U Pivrnce Praga Viadrina Tours

This place is located in the heart of the Jewish quarter, it is very famous for which we recommend that you reserve a table, so as not to have to wait or even worse stay without dinner. The prices are very cheap and the decoration of the place is very unique so it will surprise you.


Pepř a Sůl

Kratkeho 1, Praga 9.

Pepř a Sůl Praga Viadrina Tours

Translated into English as pepper and salt, it is a magnificent restaurant located in Prague 9, very close to the O2 Arena. In this place, more elaborate cuisine is made, but of high quality. We recommend the Hovezi Tatarak and the Hovezi Vyvar, as a datum to say that the word Hovezi means beef or veal. There you will also find a good knuckle of beef with roasted potatoes with cream and spinach or the famous steak rump served with 3 different sauces that you can try to your liking.



What did you think of this guide with the best 5 places to eat in Prague? Have you tried any of them? Write to us in the comments!

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