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The 5 best bars in Berlin… out of the clubs.

The 5 best bars in Berlin… out of the clubs.

We have already invited you to visit Berlin, because this city has countless activities to do [What to see in Berlin (10 places you must visit)], and we have also given you a series of recommendations where to eat, with prices for all pockets [Top 10 places to eat in Berlin]. But we owe you an important part of your stay: the nightlife of Berlin, this is intense, catchy and eternal, the very traditional culture of the bars is combined with the avant-garde of techno in the clubs, people of all ages and places of all the styles to know.
That is why we invite you to read this first selection (very selected!) of the best 5 bars in Berlin that we have put together for you and for you to come at any time of the day, surprise? Of course, in Berlin not only these bars are reserved for the night. Another recommendation: Stay tuned, because later comes a second selection with our recommendations for the best bohemian techno.

First part

1. Klunkerkranich

Karl-Marx-Straße 66


Our selection starts with a classic from Berlin and a classic from the Neukölln neighborhood (where we have already recommended places to eat as well). In the midst of this avant-garde environment is located on the roof of the “Neukölln Arkaden” Shopping Center -on the sixth floor, with a panoramic view of the city- this “beer patio” (biergarten) or cultural garden, as its regulars call it, which opened with the aim of showing in a relaxed atmosphere part of the bohemian and cultural culture of the city and mainly from the “squatters” movements that are still resisting the real estate crisis. In the midst of this, we can find in its facilities from movie theaters, through libraries, gardens and even itinerant clothing and grocery markets, which combine small cabins with gardens of different styles, while we drink a beer or a cocktail.

Do you find it interesting? To its visitors too, since since 2013 it is not only tremendously visited by tourists who enjoy with their whole family (children over 14 years old can enter with their parents), but also by the Berliners themselves (who love this type of proposals) , who enjoy being able to have a “bier” in such an environment any day of the week, since it is open from Monday to Sunday (Monday to Wednesday from 6:00 p.m. and the other days from 6:00 p.m.) , with a cultural program that is constantly changing.

Also, something that everyone enjoys is discovering how to get there, take note because we’ll give you the clues! there you will go through the parking lots towards the end, arriving very easily at the Klunkerkranich entrance, which is located on the upper floor (U7-Bahn Rathaus Neukölln).


2. Bei Schlawinchen

Schönleinstraße 34

*The photos are strictly reserved, confirm it for yourself.

This recommendation is a must-see in Berlin, if you have not visited them it is said that you have not been in the city.

The residents of the neighborhood themselves -since we normally always run into them inside, but also with many tourists- recommend this “sleeping beauty” precisely for that reason, the tranquility it provides in the midst of chaos, located in Kreuzberg, one of the most interesting neighborhoods of the city, the famous Turkish neighborhood -but be warned: very lively- there is this typical German bar or German tavern (kneipe) where you can have a beer at any time, any day of the week, because it is located open 24/7, that’s how it has been for at least thirty years. In addition, it accompanies you with good music and you can also enjoy different board games, archery and villar, among others, in fact, on Wednesdays table football (foosball or taca-taca) is free. But that’s not all, because their prices are incredibly fair and the interior decoration will surprise you: incredible, quite an experience.
Were you missing something else to feel attracted?: On Tuesdays and Fridays, the well-known “Turkish Market” opens on the banks of the Maybachufer, which is two blocks from this bar, that is, it is on your must-see route. Didn’t you reach after your visit to the neighborhood? It doesn’t matter, you have no excuses not to go: it’s always open, don’t forget that. Although we do not recommend you to attend with children, since it is smoked inside (U8-Bahn Schönleinstrasse).

3. Roses

Oranienstraße 187

*The photos are strictly reserved, again confirm it for yourself.

This bar is always among the most recommended to visit in the city, and of course, it is one of the most popular gay bars in Berlin. Its walls are made of pink furry plush and it is completely decorated with motifs of the Virgin Mary, creating an eclectic style that has always been well favored by the LGBTQIA+ community, but which, however, has recently been subtracted from this space. for the popularity acquired in a neighborhood of great real estate growth, of the most important social struggles in the city. Did we tell you that photos are restricted? Of course, keep your privacy and just enjoy.

Despite all this, it is on our route of the most interesting, since it not only brings together such diverse people every day from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m., but also combines very good prices with an incredible show, you have time to visit it during the night. In addition, we recommend that you attend with the appropriate outfit, because if something stands out from their regulars, it is their way of dressing, appropriate to the environment (U8-Bahn Kottbusser Tor).


4. Madame Claude

Lübbener Straße 19

madame claude berlin

Another of the best bars in Berlin, which proposes to combine the occupation and reinterpretation of spaces (an old brothel) with bohemia. The interesting thing here is that everything, literally everything, is turned upside down. But in addition to this, you will enjoy a cozy atmosphere and its varied musical spaces that start at 7:00 p.m. every day and are performed live by musicians from the local scene.

This bar enjoys a lot of popularity among Berliners, not only music regulars, but all those hoping for a quiet or fun night out. In addition, on Wednesdays the popular musical quiz is played, we challenge you to have good results. We also do not recommend attending with children, as there is smoking inside (U1 and U3-Bahn Schlessiches Tor).


5. Eschenbräu

Triftstraße 67

eschenbraeu pilsimglas 1 900x1225 1

This is a personal taste of the person who writes this post, which leaves the usual route of popular bars located in the neighborhoods of Kreuzberg and Neukölln, but which is also cultural, touristic and familiar and forces you to discover other places in Berlin that are also They tell a lot of history.

Surely many of your expectations when visiting Germany and Berlin in particular go through knowing good beers and the Bavarian culture (really from the Bayern area) and, although it is not the right city for it, we can find many traditional breweries and beer gardens or patios. beer (Biergarten) that are incredibly beautiful in the summer and terribly cozy in the winter. Eschenbräu is one of them, located in a traditional neighborhood of workers (Wedding), we can always enjoy seasonal beer and food, coming from the area, but also gain pride for its collective spirit from the old beer gardens, where the families shared among themselves what was harvested in the season, here it is more than welcome that you bring your own food and have a picnic, in winter or summer (S+U Wedding).

If all of the above does not convince you, you should visit this neighborhood as it is one of the fastest growing in recent times, due to its architecture related to the Bauhaus movement, its parks and gardens, bars and restaurants.

More info

You can discover more about the history of the clubs, their development, their excesses and the closure of some in the “berlinHistory” app, which has just released this catalog and illustrative map to find out about the clubs and what no longer exists, giving a retrospective and nostalgic look at the bohemian life of Berlin.

App: Berlin, Stadt der Bässe und Exzesse (Berlin: City of “baseness” and excess).

Reference: Berliner Zeitung


We have already shown you how Berlin is a city full of all kinds of experiences, in bohemian life it is not far behind and you have options for any schedule and for all budgets, with family and traveling alone. All this refers, of course, to the cosmopolitan nature of its population and the openness of its inhabitants to new proposals. If you want to discover all these unique experiences and learn everything about the city of Berlin, do not hesitate to take one of our Free Walking Tours with us, we are waiting for you!

Our guide is:

Solange González Leiton

Curious by nature, amateur historian, trained as a Lawyer in Chile, I currently work as a Tourist Guide in Potsdam and Berlin.

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