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Five movies that were filmed In Potsdam and you didn’t know about It

Five movies that were filmed In Potsdam and you didn’t know about It

The famous Babelsberg studios (Filmstudio Babelsberg or FBB – Filmbetriebe Berlin Brandenburg GmbH, for its acronym in German) are located in Potsdam and films have been shot here since its foundation in 1912, being the oldest in the world (… even more than the from Hollywood). The studios have changed their name over the years, thus in the National Socialist era the UFA (Universum Film AG, for its acronym in German) was controlled by the Propaganda Ministry and then, with the arrival of the Soviet regime It passed into state control under the name DEFA (Deutsche Film AG, for its acronym in German).
From the first days to the present, very important films have been shot in Potsdam for the history of cinema in these studios and here we tell you about five films that you did not know had been filmed there and that you will not forget now.

1. Metrópolis (1927)

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The famous film by Fritz Lang is one of the few films (and the first) considered Memory of the World by UNESCO, and it is not minor since it is one of the first super-productions of German expressionist cinema (silent) and the history of cinema world.


2. Unglorious bastards (2009)

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Let’s go to the more contemporary films… the famous Quentin Tarantino film was filmed in these studios since July 2008 and the director took advantage of various locations around Potsdam and Berlin as locations. The friendship between the studio and the director is maintained and as shown by Quentin Tarantino Avenue in the studio facilities.


3. The Grand Budapest Hotel (2013)

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If you are a fan of Wes Anderson’s cinema, you know that this award-winning pastel photography film is an American and German co-production, so it was shot in these famous studios and used locations in the German cities of Görlitz and other parts of Saxony. Of course the filmmaker has returned to shoot the rest of his films in these studios.


4. The Hunger Games: Sinsajo, parts I y II (2014-2015)


The last successful installment of this film franchise shot in two parts was also shot in this city. In addition, various outdoor locations in Berlin were used to recreate the film’s dystopian landscapes. You can visit several of them such as the Tempelhof Airport, the U-Bahn station (the Berlin subway) Messedam towards U Kaiserdamm, right here you find
the Palais am Funkurm that we see in the film.


5. Captain America: Civil war (2016)

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The film of this superhero was shot between Atlanta (USA) and Babelsberg, huge buildings were built and he trained with stuntmen from the studio itself, to meet the expectations of the huge production. In addition, the Berlin Olympic Stadium and Leipzig Airport were used as locations, with Potsdam always being the center of the filming in Germany.


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