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10 best places to eat in Berlin

10 best places to eat in Berlin

We have already invited you to visit Berlin, this city has a number of activities to do. Also, as we have already told you in a previous post, Berlin is much more than the
cradle city of the history of the 20th century [What to see in Berlin (10 places you must visit)], it is a city that also has a wide range of options when it comes to eating,
options that range from the most outstanding restaurants in the world to much cheaper options (the well-known Imbiss of the city) and for all palates. You do not believe me? Keep reading this post and find out…


1. Dreh-Restaurant Sphere (im berliner fernsehturm)

Panoramastraße 1A Berliner Fernsehturm

Surely you visit Berlin with two pictures in your mind: the Brandenburg Gate and the famous Television Tower (Fernsehturm) in the main square of the city, Alexanderplatz. Although this last place does not need many introductions, you will be surprised to know that one of the most iconic restaurants in the city is located here: the Drehrestaurant im Fernsehturm. Nowhere else in Germany is there such a magnificent view of a city, as from here you can see the Reichstag, Museum Island, the main train station (Hauptbahnhof), even in the distance the Olympic Stadium and the very – and already mentioned- Brandenburg Gate.

It is the highest restaurant in the city, this “sphere” located 203 meters above sea level rotates 360º every hour and offers a panoramic view of Berlin and of course with very good food!, described as “cuisine international deluxe”, where the traditional Berliner fused with international dishes abounds. The ingredients come from the region and the selection is always adjusted according to the seasons of the year, of course the setting and decoration are an obvious reference to Soviet Germany in the 1960s.

The advice is to buy tickets in advance online, which will save you long waits and is the same advice you should take if you just want to go up the tower. We must warn you that the prices are not the cheapest in the city, although do not worry because below is our selection within reach of all pockets.

2. Balthazar restaurant (nikolaiviertel)

Spreeufer 2

In the middle of one of the oldest areas of Berlin, between traditional medieval alleys of the Nicholas Quarter (Nikolaiviertel), the Balthazar restaurant is located on the banks of the River Spre. Its furniture and decoration is simple, but its cuisine will not disappoint you, since it is traditional food with surprising touches, described as “casual” and with more than reasonable prices.
Although the location seems somewhat hidden, it is one of the central points of the city within walking distance of the Humboldt Forum and the Museum Island, the Rotes Rathaus and Alexanderplatz.3. Hofbräu Wirtshaus Berlin y Zur Haxe


Spreeufer 2

One of the traditions of Berlin is the Hofbräu Wirtshaus Berlin, it is surely one of those restaurants that come to mind when you think of Germany, because the whole range of
traditional Bavarian cuisine can be found in this place originating in München. A few steps from “Alex” (the traditional city square) you can reach this place where you will not only discover the best Eisbein or Schweinshaxe (knuckle), Schnitzel or Currywurst, you will also enjoy the typical German atmosphere of Fußball (or soccer) national or of the summer beer gardens.


4. Lia’s kitchen

Kollwitzstraße 47

As we have already said, Berlin is not only food from famous, traditional or expensive restaurants, it is also an ideal place for all palates, especially for those vegans and vegetarians who surely in other countries (“cof cof Italia”) would like it. more difficult to find a suitable food proposal, in Berlin on the other hand and in Lia’s Kitchen in particular, it is a dream, especially if you are a fan of hamburgers and fast food.
In their small place in Prenzlauer Berg, one of the most fashionable neighborhoods in the city today, they prepare perfect hamburgers for post-party days, and their potatoes or French fries are cooked in top quality oils. If, on the other hand, during these days you want to delight yourself with something fresher, its variety of salads and smoothies will amaze you. Their portions are more than generous and their price is quite acceptable, even being homemade. Sauces are courtesy of the house.


5. Alaska Bar

Reuterstraße 85

Spanish tapas in Berlin? Of course, this small restaurant is located in another of the most popular sectors of the city: Neukölln, a neighborhood that today stands out for its avant-garde proposal and for the particularity of its neighbors in the Street style. Alaska Bar represents very well the spirit of the place where it is located, since on the one hand its restaurant stands out for the treatment given by its Spanish owners, close and friendly, but also the tapas prepared here are spectacular, everything is 100% vegan and homemade , and of course its more than affordable prices. The house recommendation: the homemade salmon, although you really should try everything you can, since the sizes of the tapas are made for it. In addition, you will feel a bit of Spain, since they have an extensive list of wines from the country.
But not only that, you may wonder why this restaurant represents the spirit of the neighborhood so much? And it is that inside you can find a second-hand clothing store, so you eat amazing and you can find the latest fashion. And not only that, part of what is collected in the store and the restaurant goes to benefit animal organizations. Better recommendations impossible, even if you are not vegan or vegetarian, go for it because this place really is an experience.


6. Burgermeister

U1 Schlesisches Tor, Oberbaumstraße 8

If we are in the country where hamburgers were invented, of course we have a hamburger restaurant to recommend, Burgermeister is one of those places that are marked in your mind and that catch your attention. The chain has 5 stores and the main restaurant is located in what used to be public restrooms. Yes, believe it or not, today these restrooms have been renovated and (… they have all the hygienic standards up to date!) they function as a small place where the famous Meisterburger is sold, a hamburger with caramelized onions, bacon, barbecue sauce and mustard.
If you are a difficult person to surprise because you have already seen the idea of ​​bathrooms elsewhere, what will surprise you are their prices, of our entire list it is one of the cheapest places in the city. This is a restaurant also very frequented by Berliners, so you must be patient when ordering, although once your order is made it will be ready in a few minutes.


7. Mustafa’s gemüse kebap

Mehringdamm 32

We go to the corner of the long lines, large crowds, seas of tourists waiting for hours… and all for what? To try one of the greatest creations in Berlin, the internationally famous Döner or Kebap in Berlin. And why so much fame? Did you know that the Döner Kebap is a Berlin invention? Yes, it was created by a Turkish immigrant in the 70’s, this traditional Turkish dish was brought to the bread in this city to eat it quickly, so all the places that offer this dish are of the Imbiss type (fast food) and hence it has been eaten this way for 50 years and continues to be so popular today.
Mustafa’s is recognized in the city as the best quality place for this dish and there is no tourist who does not leave Berlin without eating this Kebap, even if you find yourself with long waits you will check the quality of their bread, meat and the entire range vegetables (gemüsen) and signature sauces. Of course there is a vegan option: the Dürüm. The prices are extremely cheap.


8. Curry 36 and Curry 61

Mehringdamm 36

Did you notice the address? Do you remember that we talked about the corner of the long lines, large crowds, seas of tourists waiting for hours? Just a few steps from Mustafa’s, located in the heart of the Kreuzberg neighborhood (another avant-garde neighborhood in Berlin), you will find another of our essentials, another Imbiss, another German classic: Curry 36, with its recommended Currywurst, German sausages with tomato sauce and a touch of curries

And again, why so much fame?: This food was invented in the middle of Soviet Germany, the working class and especially taxi drivers in the 50s used to order it during their breaks, and of course being in the country of the potato, it began to be accompanied with potatoes or French fries. Even if you see long lines, don’t worry, the wait is very short and the prices are among the cheapest on this route. You can also repeat the experience at the Curry 61 branch located in the Jewish Quarter, a few steps from the Hackescher Markt station.


9. House of small wonder (brunch)

Auguststraße 11-13

We have told you many times that Berlin is the city where you will find food for all tastes, budgets and options, but it is also the city of the avant-garde and trend, and one of the biggest trends today is the renowned brunch, of course at Like the big cities of the world like New York or London, Berlin has one of the best places to try these breakfast foods.
The cosmopolitan nature of the city means that these types of restaurants spread to all neighborhoods, but the most famous is House of small wonder (or better known by its acronym HOSW), located in the heart of Berlin and with a concept inspired by the Japanese tradition has been able to gain a space since 2015.

Be warned that as of July 2021, we have been told by the owners of HOSW that the restaurant has been temporarily (re)located to the historic Jewish Girls’ School on Auguststrasse, not far from its original home, amazing visit.


10. Tim Raue restaurant

Rudi-Dutschke-Straße 26

Finally, we have a recommendation to treat yourself, it is more than just a meal, it is defined by experts as an experience for the palate and for this reason it has been chosen as one of the best restaurants in the world in 2016 (38 within 50), everything is worth it here, even what you can expect to pay. We already told you, it is a small luxury, but it will be fully rewarded.
We have already seen Asian-inspired sites spread throughout the city, as described on Berlin’s official website, this restaurant, located near Checkpoint Charlie and the Jewish Museum, very close to our previous recommendation, “offers Asian-inspired cuisine.” Asian. The food combines the perfection of Japanese products, the Thai aroma and the philosophy of Chinese cuisine”, which makes it one of the places best valued by gastronomic regulars in the world and has no less than two Michelin stars.



As you can see, Berlin is a city full of gastronomic experiences, you have options to eat well at any time, with any dish you try and for all budgets. And it is that all this refers to the cosmopolitan nature of its population and the particularity of its history. If you want to discover all these unique experiences and learn everything about the city of Berlin, do not hesitate to take one of our Free Walking Tours with us, we are waiting for you!

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